When Alex Bartlett asked me to do a branding photoshoot for his real estate team, I was PUMPED! I had seen his instagram posts using the same portrait over and over, and had already decided that he was in need of some fresh photos that show off his personality, professionalism, and "brand." We got on the phone and talked through his vision: how he would describe his approach towards clients, what makes him unique from other realtors, what he wants potential clients to see in his photos, etc.

We determined that we wanted to show off how approachable Alex and his teammates are; they're funny, relaxed, and client-focused. We didn't want the all-white realtor photos with shiny empty counters and stiff posing. We wanted relatable, colorful, and human.

We started off with some rooftop shots overlooking Jenkintown, the cute suburb outside Philadelphia where the team's office is located. Then we stopped outside Human Robot, a new brewery that's opened up this year and whose owner is friends with Alex. We had to take a few pics outside the Hiway Theater, a cozy community theater that has been running since 1913, and then we meandered throughout the rest of Jenkintown exploring the colorful heart-filled town square, towering murals and quaint European-esque alleyways.

After a brief detour to Alex's home for celebratory champagne photos, we finished off the shoot at their office building, where a full wall of windows let in glorious light for working shots and portraits. Throughout the shoot I made sure to get a variety of vertical and horizontal photos to accommodate the different mediums they may be used in, and used their office building's multi-story orange wall to allow for blank space that can be filled in later with their own advertising.

If you're looking for a branding session for yourself or your small business, send me a note and we'll get your session on the calendar! Anyone who has - or who should have - a website or online presence will benefit from a branding session. We'll capture professional, high-quality photos that feature your own creative approach to your business, allowing your clients and customers to know you better and to trust you.