When Ana de Guzman from Redfin asked me to share a photo of a beautiful place in Philly - one that maybe isn't the most obvious - two immediately came to mind. First, the historic Rittenhouse Town, which I actually hadn't visited until a family requested it as their maternity session location (shown above). I'm so glad they did, because it is such a special area. It hosts an old paper mill from the 1700's, as well as several homes from that time period that have been lovingly maintained.

Young couple sits on a fallen tree by the creek while smiling at each other

Young couple in love at Pennypack Creek

My other suggestion was Pennypack Creek, which made it to #9 on Redfin's list! When I saw this fallen tree, I knew we had to use it for a photoshoot. (Just look how gnarly it is!) The creek is long and winding, offering an abundance of unique spots perfect for getting lost in nature.

I could go on and on, but instead I'll just share the article for you right here!

10 Beautiful Places in Philadelphia That Will Make You Fall in Love With the City

Published on November 14, 2022 by Ana de Guzman

If you’re living in Philadelphia, then you know that this city is known for its history, cheesesteaks, and the Mummers parade. Philly is located between New York and Washington, D.C., and with the abundance of cultural and culinary opportunities, this city is excellent for anyone looking to relocate. Along with its history, this city holds unique beauty everyone can enjoy. Philadelphia has many beautiful places, from the LOVE sculpture to the Liberty Bell. So whether you’re moving into an apartment in Fishtown, a house in Chesterbrook, or need some places to explore, we’ve got you covered. Read on for ten beautiful places in Philadelphia that you don’t want to miss.

Beautiful places in the Center City neighborhood

At the heart of it all, the Center City neighborhood is home to many different attractions. This downtown neighborhood has everything from green spaces and beautiful architecture to historical statues and waterfronts. To help get you started, here are a few places to explore.

#1: Penn's Landing

Painting of water and plants by Penn's Landing

Photo curtesy of Brooke Lanier Fine Art

“A beautiful place in Philadelphia is Penn’s Landing,” says Brooke Lanier, a local artist specializing in oil painting and watercolor. “The historic ships are gorgeous and unique and inspire many of my paintings. You can tour the Olympia and submarine Becuna via Independence Seaport Museum; tour, rent, volunteer, or attend events aboard the Gazela via the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild; or have dinner aboard Moshulu. In the summer, vendors sell tasty treats you can enjoy while viewing the picturesque waterfront.”

#2: The Reading Market

Painting of bride and groom dancing by the Philadelphia skyline

Photo curtesy of Ben Keys

“When I’m in the city for a live wedding painting, it’s a must to plan a visit to eat at my favorite spot: The Reading Market,” says Ben Keys, a painter known for his light and colorful brushwork. “There’s no place on earth quite like it. The region’s culinary diversity, tradition, and richness condensed into this bustling weatherproof space. It’s what Pennsylvania food dreams are made of and alone a reason for anyone to visit Philly.”

#3: ONE North Broad

Outer entryway to ONE North Broad, lit up by pink lights

Photo courtesy of Ryan Eda Photography

Dawn Mitchell of PartySpace, a party planning company servicing Philadelphia and surrounding areas, shares, “A little-known gem, ONE North Broad is one of our favorite picturesque places in Center City, Philadelphia. Its history predates City Hall. Each room has exquisite detail, symbolism, and a purposeful mistake reflecting the imperfections of man.”

Beautiful Places in Rittenhouse Square

Parks, sculptures, and high-rise buildings are just a few beautiful places you can find in Rittenhouse Square. You’ll enjoy luxury shops, fine dining, and beautiful homes in this originally planned square neighborhood.

#4: Addison Street

Girl wearing puffy white ballgown stands in the street and gazes at the twinkling lights on the trees around her

Photo courtesy of Shooting Star Photography

“I find Addison Street to be one of the most beloved and cherished streets in Philadelphia,” says Dee, a local photographer. “Located in Rittenhouse Square, this one-way, no-parking on-the-street locale is known for its quiet tree-lined historic row homes. It’s adorned with a festive display of string lights 24/7, 365 days a year.”

#5: Philadelphia's Magic Garden

Light green mosaic with tiles spelling smile

If you’re looking for an insta-worthy spot, the murals and mosaic art created by Isaiah Zagar in Philadelphia’s Magic Garden are worth checking out. His art is displayed in multiple outdoor galleries and a garden where you’ll walk through alleys lined with every color you can imagine. This spot is definitely worth a visit if you’re new to Philadelphia or just passing through.

Beautiful Places in Fairmount Park

To escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Philly, Fairmount Park can be your refuge. Home to 2,000 acres of trails, greenery, and a waterfront, you’ll find this area no shortage of beauty.

#6: Belmont Plateau

Philly skyline from a distance with autumn trees in the foreground

Photo courtesy of Misty Sol

Tara Pearson a local writer, visual artist, and performer, recommends visiting the Belmont Plateau. “The Belmont Plateau, a hidden gem in Philadelphia, is a high elevation point where you can see the Philly skyline touch the clouds. It’s one of the best places in Philly to watch the sunrise. I first learned about it from the Fresh Prince song “Summertime,” but West Philly residents know it’s a great place for a romantic date or a family barbecue.”

#7: Philadelphia Museum of Art

Outer facade of Philadelphia Museum of Art on a sunny day

Including pieces from the modern day, Renaissance, Medieval times, ancient world, and more spanning over 2,000 years, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is an iconic part of the city. Surround yourself with beautiful paintings, outdoor gardens, and temples; you’ll find something special here. 

Beautiful Places outside the city

If you find yourself outside the city, the beauty only continues. Some suburbs hold hidden gems that only locals know about. So if you are interested in spots outside the city, here are a few:

#8: Valley Forge Park

Pregnant woman stands in a field wearing a long blue dress

Photo courtesy of Zillay Photography

“Valley Forge Park is one of my favorite locations in Philadelphia,” says Zillay Huma, a maternity, family, and newborn photographer. “The scenic hills, seasonal wildflowers, and open sky are perfect. The park has many beautiful locations, making it a unique experience every time.”

#9: Pennypack Creek

Young couple smiles at each other while sitting on a fallen tree by the creek

Photo curtesy of Lyla Duey Photography

Lyla Duey, a local family photographer, recommends visiting Pennypack Creek. “Pennypack Creek is a wonderful piece of always-changing nature, meandering through the northeast corner of Philadelphia before merging with the Delaware River. Kids love to come here to wade in the shallow waters, families gather for BBQs and there are always dogs happily running around. I love coming here to find unexpected changes, like this gorgeous fallen tree which created the perfect bench for a young couple in love.”

#10: Longwood Gardens

Couple stands at a distance along a long tree-lined path

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mudrock Photography

Lauren Mudrock, a local brand and portrait photographer, recommends Longwood Gardens in the Kennett Square neighborhood. “Longwood Gardens is one of those places you’ll spend a full day getting to every place on the map to snag a picture because everything’s a gem—hidden or not. It’s like the Disney World of gardens, where every sidewalk is swept clean, every fountain or light show outdoes the last one, and every flower is as vibrant as ever.”