Ready for your headshot?

I know, a lot of people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Ok most people feel uncomfortable - at first! So to take some of the unknowns out of the process, I'm going to tell you exactly what to expect when you come to me for headshots. You'll be relaxed, ready, and confident.

1) Pick a backdrop

If we're doing an in-studio session, then I'll have my backdrop set up. We'll look at what you're wearing, and decide together on one or two colors that we think will complement you. If we're meeting for an outdoor headshot, then I'll lead you to a spot with a non-distracting background and even lighting.

2) I will guide you!

I'll tell you where to stand, how to position your head, and will get you situated so the light is just right. We'll talk, you'll relax, and I'll continuously direct you so you're never left wondering what you should be doing.

3) We'll get a variety of looks

Warm smiles, confident smiles, no-teeth smiles - we'll do it all! The goal is to capture a range of expressions and angles, so that you can find the exact look you're going for. I'll even show you the back of the camera as we go along, so that you can see in real-time if there is anything you'd like to adjust about how you're presenting yourself.

4) You'll look amazing!

You'll see how incredibly beautiful you are, and you'll leave feeling relaxed and confident.

5) Select your favorites

After a couple of days, you'll receive an email with a link to your proofing gallery with all of the best images. You'll get to look through them and select your favorites. I will then do detailed edits on your selections - this includes blemish removal, skin smoothing, reducing shine, fixing up hair fly-aways, etc. We'll make your portrait look effortlessly refined, so that you feel confident no matter whether it's your new profile pic or being blown up to 30 feet tall on a billboard.

"Lyla was such a delight to work with! I am someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy being photographed, but Lyla made it so comfortable and effortless. She was patient and gave helpful and clear feedback which lead to fantastic results that I am very pleased with. I will be reaching out again for any future photography needs."

Wendy S.